Our API documentation is now available

One of our products GoogaSync is a tool for synchronizing Symbian phone with Google Calendar. It’s a commercial application and revenue model is license based, $22.90 per license. We have now used Get Localization and the project has gathered quite a lot of interests. There is now translation work going on in over 20 languages.

With GoogaSync we are using dynamically our API’s directly from the client application. Instead of building language variations into the application, we let users to select and download the language from Get Localization servers. This basically brings lot of benefits for us and for our users. We don’t even think about translations or which languages we have available when we sign our code and release the newest version. That is huge time saver as we don’t have to fiddle with translations in every release. Users will get always most current translation from our server. Second point is that users who are translating application for you, can test the translation right away in real application context.

Our API implementation for Symbian is available in our GLToolkit project at Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/gltoolkit/. It contains a simple dialog based UI and new localization system that allows real-time translations. Using that should be fairly simple through CLocEnv interface. I’ll blog how to use it later.

API documentation itself can be found from following URL: http://support.getlocalization.com/entries/136183-api/

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