New version released, moving towards Beta

We are launching a new version today with totally new UI experience. Especially we’ve now focused on developing developer tools to manage languages and people more efficiently. We are also announcing private spaces for companies who want to give their professional translators, developers, project managers and QA professionals best possible tool to manage and handle all the translation related tasks.

We’ve also announced our official plans. Prices now start from 19.90€ (of course we’ve still our free plan for OSS/non-profit projects). Most recommended plan for e.g. mobile client or web site localization is Single plan. Single plan provides efficient tools to crowdsource your application translation work to your users. And it is really working, check our product GoogaSync, a commercial software for syncing Google Calendar and the whole translation process is crowdsourced. Even you can participate to the process! Check out the new version and please send us feedback. We really appreciate highly all the feedback we get!

I’ll blog soon more about how to utilize new Get Localization features in your application, stay tuned.

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