Simple Python command-line client for Get Localization

GLToolkit is very trivial command-line client that gives you opportunity to download/upload localization files from command-line. This is especially useful when you integrate e.g. uploading of master strings with your build/SCM commit process. This means that you’ve always up-to-date master strings in Get Localization server.


Download installation file from Google Code

Additionally you can checkout gltoolkit project from Google Code with this command:

hg clone gltoolkit


Upload your project master strings: upload localizationfile.po project-name master [component-name] --username=gluser --password=glpass

Upload specific language files: upload localizationfile_fr.po project-name fr [component-name] --username=gluser --password=glpass
(replace fr with any IANA code)

Download language files: get project-name fr --username=gluser --password=glpass
(replace fr with any IANA code)

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