How to Localize a World Cup Application

World Cup is here with a plethora of World Cup applications (see here for instance: or here If you would like to global with your application what would you need to take into account? There are 32 countries in the competition and couple of hot favourites to unseat the reigning champion Italy (in the absence of Finnish team also my long time favourite).

Country Languages Comment
Australia English Sorry mate, this is the World Cup not the Ashes
Japan Japanese
Korea DPR Korean
Korea Republic Korean
Algeria Arabic Yes, right-to-left writing is supported too
Cameroon French, English
Côte d’Ivoire French
Ghana English
Nigeria English, (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba)
South Africa Afrikaans
English (South African English)
Southern Ndebele
Northern Sotho
Southern Sotho
Host country with 11 official languages.
Honduras Spanish
Mexico Spanish
United States English
Argentina Spanish Two words: Lionel Messi
Brazil Portuguese You have 5 already
Chile Spanish
Paraguay Spanish
Uruguay Spanish Stop it, I know what you are thinking
New Zealand English
Denmark Danish
England English
France French What is “handled the ball” in French?
Germany German Whatever you do: avoid the penalties
Greece Greek
Italy Italian
Netherlands Dutch
Portugal Portuguese
Serbia Serbian
Slovakia Slovak
Slovenia Slovene
Spain Spanish Number one favourite
Switzerland Italian, French, German, Romansh

So what if you had a simple web service going live July 11th congratulating the new World Cup winners? How would you make sure that visitor will see the greeting in their own language? By crowdsourcing you your localization of course. See the example project at:

By the way, if you really want to build an app like this go on and sign up to our free beta.

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