Localization how-to’s

I’ve gathered couple of good recent how-to’s and blog posts related localization. These are not in any particular order.

Dynamic localization in Silverlight

Dynamic localization is hot topic right now. Recommended reading for Silverlight fans.

jQuery Globalization Plug-in from Microsoft

Great to see Microsoft entering jQuery game as well. This useful plug-in will provide all the necessary data for creating truly global site.  If interested, check also our post regarding CLDR project.

Android localization for beginners

Brief introduction to Android localization. Looks quite simple. (See also our Android market report)

String Localization in C#

Old but still great tutorial how to localize C# software.

Tutorial: iPhone Localization in Xib (Nib) Files
iPhone Tutorial (Part 2): Localizing your iPhone application

Good articles about iPhone localization (see also our iPhone market report).

Localization in JavaScript

Great library to localize JavaScript. We really love this approach so we also added our support.

Lots of Symbian related localization articles

Forum Nokia Wiki contains a lot of localization articles and help regarding Nokia platforms.

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