Covering Latest Get Localization Release

We’ve been extremely busy implementing a bunch of new features lately. Or actually they’ve been out already week or so but now it is good time to cover all of them.

Project feed

Project feed is a great new addition to service. Actually we’ve asked ourselves why it hasn’t been here before. It is pretty similar to Facebook news feed but project specific. It means everybody can see easily what is happening in the project. Here’s example what is happening in AppUpdateNotifier project:

Cool huh? It’s an awesome addition and will make managing projects and translations much more fun!


This is a second feature we thought that we are really late with, but better late than never! It is Statistics and we’ve even reserved own tab for them. For example we’ve added list of contributors, you can get them for whole project or just for single language. Here for example we’ve top translators for German from GoogaSync project.

We are now in the works for providing new stats and also improving current offering.


Discussion is now back in Editor as well. We had comments in previous editor but now they are back in our new version as well. Here’s screenshot how it looks:

And much more…

We’ve lots of other smaller improvements in as well. This also means that we are starting to be feature complete in a sense that we can soon finally come out of beta. This will hopefully happen soon. So stay tuned and let us know what you think!