Bye 2010, Hello 2011! is now 10 months old! We’ve achieved so much in this 10 months that it’s unbelievable. I’ll present some numbers and also will shred some light what are our goals for 2011.

If you’ve followed our story here in Blog, Twitter or Facebook you’ve seen that our socially enabled web-based CAT-tool has matured and grown really fast. There has been tremendous interest in things what we do, both from developers and translation community. And what has brought a great satisfaction to me has been the success of crowdsourcing. We’ve proofed that it really works and it has been working much better than we ever expected. We’ve activated thousands of hobbyists, software users and professional translators to work on projects that developers started. Amount of words translated is increasing 100% every month and we see more and more active (and also inactive) projects. Currently about 25% of registered projects are active (has one or more translator), however it is increasing and this is one of the key meters we will follow closely while  improving this year.

Android and iPhone seem to be ruling the platform wars on mobile side.  Regarding web platforms, no surprises there either. The usual suspects Ruby on Rails, PHP based CMS’s and Django are currently mostly used web platforms in projects.

So this year has been more about development. Next year will be about growth. We got good start and we are already growing organically so we just need to increase the pace and let people know we are here! You can also help, in every project there’s a like and tweet buttons, click them to promote and support the project and us as well.

So in year 2011 Get Localization is:

Get Localization is a community for Developers and Translators to work together and create applications everyone can understand.

To break this down:

  1. We are a community as a whole and we do have smaller communities within our community.
  2. Every project space (private or public) is a place for Developers and Translators to form their own community
  3. We do this so people can have applications they understand, so that overall user experience for applications would be better. This is a win-win for everyone. We as a application makers win when users win.

So this is what we are so eagerly taking forward. Please follow our journey and give us your feedback, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the past year and Happy New Year 2011!

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