Translation Memory is Dead, Long Live Translation Memory!

I’ve been following this debate about translation memories. Are they dead or not? To me it sounded quite confusing until I understood what people actually meant when they talked about “Translation memory”. If you have followed this blog, you know that our background is in software development. We create a product for software developers to use, “from developers to developers” as we say.

So there are now respected industry veterans telling to the world that “translation memory should be like a version control system for developers!”. I have to say that I love this statement and I agree with it fully. Actually I wrote about that over a year ago in this very same blog in almost exactly same wording.

But I would like to propose one thing: Please stop calling it “Translation memory”. Translation memory is just a feature. It’s a nice feature in the editor along with other nice features but it just doesn’t describe the behaviour of current socially enabled localisation platforms like that actually already contains a version management system. It’s not even the core thing anymore! Call it anything else, I don’t care but just do not call it “Translation memory”.

So in that sense, yes TM alone is definitely dead but technically TM is still a great feature, a little helper that makes translators day a bit easier.

Thank you for considering!