Keeping Your Translations After A Small Change

You often think it’s a simple thing if you have to fix a small typo from original string or add a missing article, dot or comma… At least until you have to deal with the consequences. With most file formats, you will lose all the translations and you will have to fix them manually to every file. Some people write scripts for this, most people hail the new Get Localization feature that makes this problem a distant past.

We’ve heard your feedback and the feature is called “Import notifications”. You will get an instant and simple notification when you’ve changed a master string a bit (in other words, not much) when comparing to previous revision. We let you decide whether you want to keep all the translations for this string or not. In most cases, small change doesn’t necessarily mean that the meaning is changed. Even if there’s a small typo, translation is not typically affected by it so you can safely let system to keep translation.

Here’s also video that demonstrates the feature in more detail.