Improving the Editor

I love our users, that is because we get so much excellent feedback. We’ve today updated the editor based on this feedback and rolled out new release with most wanted improvements.

I’ll go through all these small, but important improvements one by one.

More information on screen, clearer UI

Our challenge with this update was that we wanted to add more information to screen, get rid of clicks and dialogs while keeping the UI still simple and easy. Also we wanted that editor would work better and provide more information on small laptop screen without moving and arranging the windows. Everything that was there before, is still there but we’re now using the screen space much more efficiently.

Bring discussions to more prominent place.

This has been the all-time most requested improvement. String related discussions are now loaded automatically to the right-side of the editor. Previously there was a risk that people didn’t read those comments as you had to click them open, now ignoring them is much harder as they’re visible all the time.

We believe that communication is one of the key elements in a successful translation project, making the context clear is hard and error-prone for developers so letting translators to ask questions when they’re unclear of the meaning is important. Managing and keeping the discussions in a single place, where they’re stored right next to the subject is also more productive for all team members.

Ranking of translations and differentiating sources more clearly

We got a lot of questions about which translation will end up to the final translation file. It has been always the first translation in the list but now there’s also “Rank” column that clarifies this further. You can easily see confirmation that yes, the first translation is indeed the leading one.

We’ve also made more clear where the translation is coming from, an additional icon next to name is now indicating this. Clicking the icon also now leads to the user profile.

Fine-tuning the UI

UI should look much clearer now and be easier to use. Translating longer texts is easier and browsing through the translation aids, suggestions and available translations more straightforward. Or what do you think? We continue on improving so let us know! You can contact us via support portal or leave a comment.

More information about the new editor can be found from our library.