Summer Updates

It’s summer holiday season here in Finland. Summer is short so everyone is keeping their vacations same time. Nevertheless, we’ve rolled out couple of updates.

First one is good news for all Plus customers, it allows you to find more translators even when your project is private. Simply give link to your project and the users get nice invitation to join and as soon as they do that, they can fill up the application. You and your project administrators can then go through the applications conveniently and invite the promising ones to the project. Translators are kept automatically informed about their status via e-mail.


We’ve also added a setting for plus projects to limit who can add new languages to project. You can select the minimum role that is required to add new languages. This setting can be found from Settings -> Privacy & Security.

Update to Get Localization Sync for Eclipse

We’ve also released a new version of Get Localization Sync for Eclipse. You can find it from Eclipse Marketplace, just search for Get Localization and install.

This update features couple of important new features:

Pull file filter allows you to filter which files you wish to pull to your Eclipse project. For example just pull all the strings.xml’s you can use filter:


Replace rules can be used to alter filenames when they’re pulled to Eclipse project. You can for example create rules that change the language codes or installation path. E.g. if you wish to change language code from pt-BR to pt-rBR, just create following replace rule:

pt-BR/ -> pt-rBR/

Replace rules can be imported and exported so if you manage to do proper rules for example Android or some other platform, please do share them with us. We’re happy to add them to our library.