Get Localization Promotions

Get Localization Promotions

ImageWe have released a new premium feature for developers who are using crowdsourcing and are interested in promoting their app to volunteer amateur translators.

We hope this feature helps especially those who don’t yet have budget for professional translation or don’t have a strong community who could help them to get translations. If your app is interesting, this is a good additional way to get new users and translators.

Promotions are based on credits that are given for each month according to your subscription plan:

Micro: 100 credits
Plus: 500 credits
Advanced: 1000 credits
Professional: 2000 credits (for each project)

Promotions is a completely optional service and you can enable it in your workspace settings. Please also note that we don’t target professional translators or translators who work in premium projects, also it’s not possible to select more specific targeting options. If you are looking for specific languages, we recommend using professional translation or asking directly from your existing community.

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