Get Localization is shutting down on May 31

Get Localization is shutting down on May 31 2019.

In 2009 we started Get Localization as a side project to support our own mobile app development. Soon many new developers and companies found us and started to crowdsource their localization efforts and also use our network of professional translators.

During these years, Get Localization was used to localize over 10.000 apps, including many popular top apps, games, and titles.

We also helped companies and organizations like Nokia, Microsoft, Ikea, and Schneider Electric to translate their products. Plan International used our platform to translate letters to sponsors with the help of volunteers.

Unfortunately, even though we experienced nice growth for a while, we were not able stay on that track long enough and remained too small to stay ahead of the competition. All the time, we relied solely on self-financing, and this was as far as we got.

We reached a point where we noticed that we had lost most of our competitive edge and had to decide, if we should invest heavily to regain it. We decided that this is not our game anymore – it’s time to call it quits and move on to something else.

We would like to thank all our over 150.000 volunteer and professional translators and all our clients during these years.

Our localization service will be fully closed on May 31 and all the remaining subscriptions will be canceled automatically so that they won’t be renewed in May. You will have access to your Workspace until May 31.

We are paying out final invoices to professional translators right now, so make sure you have set the invoice to “sent” mode in the system. Thank you.

Please note, that we do not accept new professional translation orders anymore.

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