Free Beta available. Calling all freelancers!

We had successful sprint and we released couple of important improvements yesterday. This means we’ve achieved long-waited Beta status and we are seriously open for business!

We got lot of feedback regarding “company profile”, it was slowing registration process and was really not that useful. So we’ve removed it. Now when you register, you basically give your product details and that’s it. We really need to embrace our slogan “Making localization easy” in to every detail.

Second big improvement is an asynchronous way of uploading strings. Now you don’t need to wait when you upload localization file containing large amount of strings, it will happen on the background and you will be notified as soon as the process is ready.

Third huge improvement is an indexed translation memory. Our system will keep translator automatically aware of used terms and will provide suggestions based on previous translations. This is especially useful for crowdsourcing where multiple people can work with single translation.

Beta is now completely free of charge as well. We are not planning to start charging of it anytime soon so don’t worry. However we are a company like you so you may expect this to happen someday but how it will happen is completely open. For open source and non-profit projects we will be always free.

We’ve also opened sign-up form for professional translators. If you are freelancer, please submit your profile and you will have an unique opportunity to get cool projects from our developers with quite small effort.

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