Dynamic Localization in JavaScript

Update: Get Localization for Websites is a dynamic JavaScript library / service that keeps your website translated. 

Eli Grey released week ago a great library for localizing JavaScript code. Today, we want to support this great library by providing support for it.

Check out the demo. It is same demo as in Eli’s site but with one change (in addition to the language selection) that we provide a compatible JavaScript file that works with l10n.js so basically this is enough:


This allows translators and developers to manage translations in the Get Localization service. L10NDemo is a public project so you can freely participate in translating it into your language in the Get Localization editor.

Get Localization is free for OSS developers and we also have premium plans offering additional features for professional software development projects. We are also open for feedback so let us hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Dynamic Localization in JavaScript

  1. It’d be nice if you contributed your added localizations back to my l10n.js project’s demo (Don’t worry though as I’m adding them now). Also, it seems that the Danish localization is English.

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